Monday, March 2, 2009

Experiments in Truth

Along with about 30 friends, I am committing myself over the next 40 days to take some intentional steps toward becoming a more healthy and whole human being.

1) Body experiment
We are bodily based spiritual beings. We know no existence outside of the body we have been given. Let's get used to it. Even in a moment of ecstatic spiritual bliss, it is taking place inside this body. Even if it feels like we have gotten "outside" of ourselves for a time, we soon come back to earth, back to our body. There is no getting away from it. And that is an okay thing, and probably a good thing, if we can learn to embrace it. In an effort to do just this, and enter into a deeper awareness of how my body is connected with my spirit, mind, and soul, I am committing to the follow practices:
Monday/Friday - Circuit Training, Core, Stretching
Tuesday/Thursday - Pilates
Wednesday - Stretching
Saturday - Run, Stretching
Vegan diet

2) Identity
A large part of the broken and jacked up ness in our world is due to the fact that we, human beings, don't know who we are. Taken to the level of the individual, we allow too many false voices to inform us as to who we are. The result is a schizophrenia of sorts, just one that is less visible then the man walking down the street talking to himself. But it is no less real, and potentially even more destructive. In my own life, I all to often let the false voice of Deception rob me from embracing and living into my true self. In light of my longing to know who I am, I cam committing to the following:
30 minutes of listening every weekday morning, specifically asking the question "Who am I" and anticipating the Whisper.
Extended prayer time each Monday morning.
Extended time of silence and solitude each Friday morning.