Thursday, February 26, 2009

In The Silence

This past weekend I went on a silent retreat with a group of 10 friends. Very interesting time. I love this kind of time. It feeds my soul. But it can also be quite frustrating :-). Here are some words that came to my mind.

In the silence my mind goes, it flows, wandering to and fro.
The thoughts of my beating heart, the feelings of my delicate soul.
Yearning to be heard, longing to be lived, they are speaking to me.
Cutting through and breaking down this callous wall that is
The stuff that seeks to suffocate the Spirit within.
They are telling me who I am.
Father, son, brother, husband, companion, friend, mentor, neighbor, teacher, inspirer, beloved child.
Love, light, compassion, mercy, patience, justice, truth, strength, courage, faith, hope and love.
I hear the whisper.
"These are yours. This is you. Take it and make it who you will be and what you will do.
Trust me, believe that I know what is best, that I will give you rest,
That I am wooing you with open arms into my ever expanding chest.
Follow me. Your soul is safe here, your body will be refreshed.
Your spirit and mind I will shape to be of a different kind
than you even know, as you grow, to be more like me."
In the silence my mind goes, it flows, wandering to and fro.